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Have you ever desire of 100 terabyte of data for each three.five-inch disk? New patented innovation nanotechnology from Michael E. Thomas, president of Colossal Storage Corporation, makes it authentic.

Michael invented and patented the planet's very first and only thought for non-Get hold of UV photon induced electrical area poling of ferroelectric non-linear photonic bandgap crystals, which delivers the possibility of managing and manipulating light-weight inside of a UV/Deep Blue frequency of 1 nm to four hundred nm.

It took him fourteen several years to find a sensible conceptualization that might operate to advance the storage market; 3D Volume Holographic Optical Storage Nanotechnology, for which Michael retains the patents. He was invited to existing this intriguing discovery for the Nationwide Science Basis in February 2004.

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This creation and patents on a technique for modifying issue on the molecular commission gorilla upsell level is without doubt one of the Entire world's only new enabling systems, obtaining quite a few hundreds of electro-optic apps.

Atomic Holographic Nanotechnology will allow for the first time a functional technique for programmable molecular lenses that will permit incoming light being rejected, modified internally, or permitted to pass unaltered through marketing a clear lens often called disk, tape, card, drum, film, and so on.

Atomic Switch

By with the ability to software optical lenses, a lot of programs determined by light-weight and color may be produced, like holographic storage, bio-terror detection devices, optical electronics, security products and solutions, and many hundreds of other items under no circumstances observed right before on the globe's marketplaces.

The small size of ferroelectric transparent constructions can make it feasible to fabricate nano-optical units, which include volume holographic Jeremy Gislason storage, acquiring the two good and detrimental index of refraction that allows molecular particles of the atomic size to be modified, managed, and changed to execute a selected functionality, wished-for activity, useful for affordable accurate chemical / Organic make any difference detection, and reprogrammed to just accept new non-unstable details and molecular features.

The predicted cost of the Atomic Holographic DVR disc travel will likely be from $570 to $750 with the alternative discs for $45.

A single 10 terabyte to 100 terabyte three.five in FEdisk could well be EQUAL to a ten,000 to 100,000 Gigabyte disk generate. Which is larger one,000 occasions any Point out of the Art really hard disk technological innovation with 100 Gigabytes on 1 disk. two EXABYTES of NEW facts is produced each and every year earth wide, and expanding.

Michael is usually a thirty-calendar year pioneer in the development of peripheral storage systems in addition to a holder of varied patents.

“In 1974 I had been producing five Megabyte disk packs - the most significant at that time on this planet. Simultaneously, IBM, Burroughs, Honeywell, along with other Computer system pros reported nobody would at any time have to have that Substantially commission gorilla oto storage,” claims Michael. “In 1989 Invoice Gates (the Chairman of Microsoft) stated that the pc would by no means require more than 256 Kbytes of cache memory and 40 megabytes of hard disk storage. Present day Computer has on average one-two megabytes of cache and twenty to 60 gigabyte difficult drives. The need for new storage know-how is evident to only to All those having backgrounds in facts storage.”

Data Fee vs. Object Sizing

Colossal Storage Principle of Procedure of Patented Engineering

“I gave up two instances because I had been not able to get the job done thru an idea of non-unstable, non-destructive readout,” claims Michael. “I lastly had a crack thru when examining Einstein/Plank and Niels Bohr Atomic Theories.”

He discovered that through the use of an Extremely Violet Photon and An electrical Industry it absolutely was possible, theoretically, to make use of the electrons (produce current) to produce the binary point out molecule transition backwards and forwards amongst The 2 states. The "Atomic Switch" was born.

The idea of the atomic or molecular swap by "Photon/Laser Induced Electric powered Industry Poling" existed. By making use of UV photons of lesser quantum Electricity it had been probable to utilize diffraction and interference within the binary states of your molecule.

The shifting condition with the molecule and the diffracted photons enabling for a bunch of sunshine and dim lines to generally be characterised as info. 3D Quantity signifies reading and composing billions of bits at one particular time in Quantity (x,y,z).

There are still loads of exploration and improvement unknowns for this new and fascinating atomic holographic optical storage, but Michael thinks that he has established a innovative idea to maintain rate with specifications of mass details storage, for the following millennium.

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